Anna Berra

Among this line we can find the Ramandolo which comes from super-ripe grapes and from late harvesting (November) where the yield is from between 36-40%, from which an authentic nectar is obtained where the aromas of fruit preserve, the aromatic complexity of the barrique and the high residual sugar content interweave guaranteeing a product offering strong sensations.


The Refosco Riserva and the Merlot Riserva are aged in wood for a period of more than 24 months followed by a further evolution period in glass.

These are wines of character, with soft overtones brought about by the wood both on the nose and in the mouth, mainly indicated for grilled meat-based dishes or game in general.

At the present time about 25,000 bottles are produced per year with a forecast of increasing production although maintaining the carefully researched and desired quality they have today.

Ramandolo, a sweet-not-sweet wine thanks to the presence of tannins, the first DOCG in Friuli, is obtained from late harvesting (usually in November), which is followed by a short maceration period on the skins and a fermentation period in oak barrels.

The Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso and the Merlot Riserva, the local grape variety par excellence of Friulian oenology and a classic, emanating from careful attention in the vineyard to obtain maximum quality.

The grapes are over-ripened or undergo a short raisining period, followed by a long period of maceration in stainless steel vats that is completed by a fermentation and evolution period in French oak barriques.

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